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Your Ideas do not Sell

Your Ideas do not Sell

If you are a small business owner you may have considered one of these questions, or something similar.

  • Can non-sales people influence a sale?
  • How do I increase my business with existing clients?
  • What are some ways for me to accelerate clients through my pipeline?
  • I’m selling a repeatable service, but honestly sometimes the only person to connect with the customer face to face is my service tech. How can I grow my business with these clients?
  • I have multiple other offerings to deliver to clients, but they were not part of the original sales process. How do I gain this business?

I believe there is a common thread which question #1 above sets the stage for. Can non-sales people influence a sale? YES, they can and they should.

Business leaders hire talented people to deliver results. These talented people often have great ideas or see areas where additional efficiency can be gained. These efficiencies may exist as additional services which your team can provide, or it may be recommending a client change from a monthly PO to a blanket order to allow for more timely shipping of products. In either of these situations an idea must be presented and seen as valuable to the client.

You have a great idea, but for most people just having an idea presented to them is not enough to create an urgent need in them. A fatal business mistake is thinking our ideas are going to win simply because your idea is great. Your ideas do not sell themselves.

Here are a few ways non-selling professionals can engage clients and help clients provide their good idea more than an honorable mention in the meeting.

Remember you are a trusted advisor to your client. Your recommendation is not about making the sale in the first presentation.
You are gaining acknowledgement of the idea. Your idea is meant to improve someone’s life, business, or situation. The client needs you to help them picture how their current situation (status quo) will improve with your program, service, or technology being implemented. Help them see how your idea improves their situation and should be investigated further.

Decision makers are often in your meetings. Trusted advisors are already sitting across the table from key decision makers or at the very least the key influencers for earning approval of projects. This access is something which can create a shared connection for the sales team.

I look forward to your receiving your input in the comments section below. Please add your advice as well as share any successes and learning experiences you may have with presenting your ideas to clients.

If there is anything I can do to be of service through my network or expertise, please do not hesitate to let me know.