How We Can Help

  • Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly Coaching
  • Virtual or Face to Face
  • Custom Milestone Measuring to Keep You on Track
  • Team Building and Assessments
  • Vision, Strategy, Mission and Tactical Planning


  • Executive
  • Sales/Team
  • Prospecting and Pipeline Management Training
  • Executive Leadership Group Sessions

Team and Individual Training

  • CEED Sales Process Improvement Program
  • Question Listening Workshop
  • Custom Workshops
  • Clean Cut Success
  • DiSC Personaity Profiles
  • DiSC 363 (360 feedback)
  • Five Behaviors of Cohesive Teams

Launching a new business?

Launching a new business takes courage, know-how and tenacity. And having a partner to help keep you on track and focused on the big picture helps too!

There are a million things to do, all while trying to build a new client base and prepare for future growth while remaining aware of the original reason you started this business.

Accelerate Accountability works with you to identify the steps to achieve your goals, identify the achievement of milestones to measure and provide support through monthly support programs to help you create success.

Growing an Existing Business?

Growing an existing business can be daunting and stressful. You’ve been successful and have an established client base but are at the tipping point, poised to take your business to the next level.

Change is risky and risk is scary. Questions abound making it easier to just keep on keeping on and not take the chance to achieve more. Do you have the sufficient resources to grow or do you need to invest in more? Will focusing on growth put your existing business in jeopardy? Where is the best opportunity for growth in your industry and how do you best capitalize on it?

Accelerate Accountability shares years of experience coaching businesses past the status quo to an Ideal Future. They will help you develop situational, market and competitive analyses to identify the growth opportunities best suited for your business and then help build a business plan to achieve them! We’re your partner so you won’t have to take your eye off your current business while planning to achieve more.

Redirecting an Established Business?

Established businesses with solid experience often find themselves in a changed marketplace. Technological advances, demographic shifts and competitive incursion can make even the most successful, tenured firms begin to question their position in a “new reality.”

Accelerate Accountability works with your leadership team to identify market shifts and develop plans to make existing lines of business more competitive by tailoring new or repositioning existing offerings to new markets.

Building a Winning Culture that Attracts and Retains Talent?

Never before have the generations in the workplace been so disparate. Some employees have never experienced life before the personal computer; let alone a smartphone. And some started their career in a non-digital world. The perspectives that come along with these differences can seem irreconcilable but both are needed to succeed.

Accelerate Accountability works with your teams from the ground up to help identify cultural intent, traits, roadblocks and opportunities to build a culture that is attractive and productive for all necessary generations and levels of responsibility.