Idle Busyness = Busyness which is unproductive

Idle Busyness = Busyness which is unproductive

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Brett Harpel

Harpel Coaching

Thank you for visiting the HC Blog Page.  This blog will be taking a look at various topics impacting sales in your company.

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  1. Who knows the goal?
    22 Jan, 2017
    Who knows the goal?
    Why do some businesses keep their financial goals hidden from team members?  From time to time I've encountered business leaders who have shared with me they do not like to let the team know the financial health of their business.  This has always struck me as an ineffective way of leading a business. A few reasons I've heard for not sharing financial data (except at year end when there are bonuses tied to the numbers): My employees do what I ask of them.  I'll manage the team to succeed so
  2. New Year, New Challenges, New Success
    31 Dec, 2016
    New Year, New Challenges, New Success
    The New Year brings new goals and expectations of growth. If you do not enter the year with at least a little bit of concern or trepidation about your goals, then your goals are set to low. At least that is what my coaches have always told me, and I have accepted it as fact.  The New Year will bring successes and new challenges. New problems will often bring swift reactions from those of us who have a natural drive to solve problems and continue marching towards our goal. Thirteen years ago, I
  3. Ask for the order.
    19 Aug, 2016
    Ask for the order.
    Door to door sales. Cold calling. Does a sales process help you succeed? Absolutely. In the last few months my family has experienced two very different kinds of successful sales tactics. One kept the order they earned. I canceled the one which was coerced through some unsavory practices. I will briefly explain the successful one, because the coercive and threatening techniques do not deserve more mention then I’ve already provided. It’s the end of summer and the kids are heading back to
  4. Your Ideas do not Sell
    07 Jan, 2017
    Your Ideas do not Sell
    If you are a small business owner you may have considered one of these questions, or something similar.    Can non-sales people influence a sale? How do I increase my business with existing clients? What are some ways for me to accelerate clients through my pipeline? I’m selling a repeatable service, but honestly sometimes the only person to connect with the customer face to face is my service tech. How can I grow my business with these clients? I have multiple other offerings to deliver to
  5. Why do we need sales?
    14 Aug, 2016
    Why do we need sales?
    We have all heard the joke:  Q: How do you know when a sales person is lying?  A: Their lips are moving.   Another cultural example surrounding sales professionals: People often describe sales by using emotionally charged words which call to mind a scammer or manipulator. Are there sales people who lie?  Yes.  But consider this, we have sales people to reduce lying. In my experience sales professionals are not liars.  Occasionally, facts are misunderstood and clarifications must be made, but
  6. Education vs Fear in the sales process
    05 Aug, 2016
    Education vs Fear in the sales process
    Is there fear in sales?  Yes. Fear is present in every sales process. Most sales calls have some amount of healthy or unhealthy fear/concern/tension in them.  Consider the racing heart rate for some as they walk in to make a cold call or preparing to meet a customer for the final presentation to earn the order.  If managed appropriately this type of fear helps sales professionals stay sharp, but has little influence on the sales process.  There is a fear which impacts the outcome of the sales
  7. Accountability & "Do your job"
    28 Jul, 2016
    Accountability & "Do your job"
    In every team, organization, and business the successful understand the importance of accountability. In sports one of my favorite examples of accountability is Bill Belichick's coaching style with the New England Patriots.  If you boil it all down his mantra of "Do your job"  is a great example of accountability.  Each team member is accountable to themselves and their teammates to do their job, and do it well. It's hard to argue with the success of the New England Patriots franchise under
  8. Adventure Girl and her adventure pack.
    06 Jul, 2016
    Adventure Girl and her adventure pack.
    I have been evaluating what my next career step should be.  Should I stay in my current role with my employer and enjoy their stability and continue executing on our growth strategies?   Or alternatively, when will be the right time to enter the ranks of the self-employed to build a business using the character traits instilled in me as well as the experience and training poured into me by my past mentors, educators, and employers?      As you would expect this decision has become part of the
  9. Millennial Teaming
    23 Jun, 2016
    Millennial Teaming
    Yesterday I was able share my flight home with several young people who were on their way to Navy boot camp at the Great Lakes Naval station.   After joking with the young men around me about one of their friends frantically working through his memorization work before hitting the base the next morning we all settled in for our flight. An uneventful flight with the young husband next to me focusing his entire being into committing his 11 orders to memory.  Then something interesting occurred.